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3.3. How to Remove a Binder from your account

NOTE: The following workflows assume that you are logged in to your Online-SDS account with Administrator privileges.

There may be times when you need to delete a binder from your Online-SDS account, in which case you should follow the process outlined below.

  1. Always remember that your Online-SDS account will not allow a binder to be removed when it has SDS contained within it.
    To remove SDS from a binder, you can choose to either Move / Copy SDS to another binder location or you can choose to Remove SDS from a binder.

    If you need to Remove SDS from a binder, please follow these instructions to Remove SDS.
    If you need to Move SDS from one binder to another, please follow these instructions to Move / Copy SDS.

  2. To begin this process of deleting a binder, go to the Binder Management menu and select Remove Binder.

  3. Once you have identified the binder you wish to delete and you have removed all SDS from that binder, you will be able to do so.
    Simply choose the binder from the dropdown menu. All binders that are available to be removed will be highlighted in blue which indicates that those folders have no SDS contained within them. However, you can only remove one binder at-a-time.

  4. Once you choose a binder and click the Delete button, you will receive a success message on the screen.



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