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4.4. Using the Edit button on View SDS pages

NOTE: The following workflows assume that you are logged in to your Online-SDS account with Administrator privileges.

As was covered in the previous section, Actions that can be performed from a View SDS page, the Edit button found on the View SDS page is only accessible to Administrative users. This is due to the fact that this Edit function is extremely powerful and should only be used by people with the permission to do so.

Typically, you will have no need to edit an SDS record unless your company is using Custom Fields that are specific to your facility or company; the values of which are also controlled with the Edit function. Editing HAZCOM information for an SDS record is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED and should not be taken lightly. Below is a complete list of data points that can be edited for any SDS record within your Online-SDS account. If you believe there to be an error in the information found on an SDS, it's best to contact the manufacturer to confirm any errors found within SDS documents.

What information can be edited on an SDS record?

In short, any and all information can be edited on an SDS record when using the Edit function. However, when you edit information related to an SDS record, it doesn't change the manufacturer-authored version of the SDS. Instead, when you edit an SDS record, you are editing the SDS record that is associated in your Online-SDS account and viewable on the View SDS pages. The specific changes you make to the SDS information will only be reflected in your company's Online-SDS account and viewable to people who access your account.

Data Points that can be edited include: 

For more information about how to Edit a SDS, please see our training series video on our YouTube channel.


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