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4.6. Using the Print Labels button on View SDS pages

As was covered in the previous section, Actions that can be performed from a View SDS page, the Print Labels button found on the View SDS page is accessible to all users whom access your Online-SDS account. Printing labels for secondary chemical containers is an easy process; all of the information is automatically populated on the label directly from the SDS; No Data Entry Required!

You should always print secondary labels when you are transferring any chemical from a bulk container to a secondary container.

How to Print Labels for any SDS

  1. On the View SDS page, click the Print Label button.

  2. On the Label Printing page, select the format and quantity of label(s); then click Generate PDF Label Sheet(s).

  3. The PDF will be presented in your browser window. The label(s) can be printed directly from the browser window or you can download the PDF file and print later.

For more information about secondary container labels, please see our training series video on our YouTube channel.



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